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Combination of revolutionary products, when combined lead to FAsT weight loss. Fat burner/metabolism booster, Fat and carb blocker, Multi-Vitamin, Protein shake- Vanilla Zoom Gum and 2 Appetite Suppressant Stomach filler and satisfier which is an alternative to dangerous lap-band and gastric bypass surgery. Over the course of a few months you will be eating 50% less and your stomach will SHRINK back to normal size. It keeps you feeling full all day, making you eat less!

Total: $286.94  254.99 You Save $32 TODAY

What you get:

2 Shrink (180 Capsules): Feel full and satisfied, suppress appetite, eat 50% less and shrink your stomach back to normal size. An alternative to dangerous lap-band and gastric bypass surgery!

1 Shred (60 Capsules): Speed up your metabolism and burn fat all day.

1 Blocker (60 Capsules): Cleans your body of stored fat and carbs and prevents your body from absorbing new fat and carbs.

1 Complete (60 Capsules): Who gets the proper amount of nutrients per day? Not many people. Replenish your body with needed nutrients to keep the body functioning properly and keep the metabolism going.

1 Zoom Gum (24 Pieces): Cut the cravings whenever you want!

1 FAsT Fix Protein: Use to increase protein intake to keep metabolism running and to use to fight food cravings, used as a snack or even meal replacement. 1 serving= 119 cal 25g protein.


Recommended dosage (1-month supply):

Shrink (stomach filler): Everyone is a little different depending on stomach size. Take 60-90 minutes before meals where you are generally the hungriest. No more than 6 per day.

Shred (Fat burner Metabolism Booster): 1 capsule when you wake up and 1 capsule 30-60 minutes before lunch (total 2)

Blocker (Fat and Carb Blocker): 1 capsule 30-60 before your two largest or worst meals of the day (total 2)

Complete (Multi-Vitamin): 2 capsules before bed

Zoom (Gum): Chew as needed

FAsT Fix-Protein shake: Taken as needed, 1 serving with 6-10 ounces of water or with the amount of water that gives you the best consistency, make shakes at least 30 minutes before consumption to allow the shake to dissolve completely, don’t let sit for longer than 24 hrs. Increase scoops if needed.



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