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Combination of revolutionary products, when combined lead to FAsT weight loss. Fat burner/metabolism booster, Fat and carb blocker, Multi-Vitamin, Zoom Gum and Appetite Suppressant and Stomach filler and satisfier which is an alternative to dangerous lap-band and gastric bypass surgery. Over the course of a few months you will be eating 50% less and your stomach will SHRINK back to normal size. It keeps you feeling full all day, making you eat less!

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What you get:

1 Shrink (90 Capsules): Feel full and satisfied, suppress appetite, eat 50% less and shrink your stomach back to normal size. An alternative to dangerous lap-band and gastric bypass surgery!

1 Shred (60 Capsules): Speed up your metabolism and burn fat all day.

1 Blocker (60 Capsules): Cleans your body of stored fat and carbs and prevents your body from absorbing new fat and carbs.

1 Complete (60 Capsules): Who gets the proper amount of nutrients per day? Not many people. Replenish your body with needed nutrients to keep the body functioning properly and keep the metabolism going.

1 Zoom Gum (24 Pieces): Cut the cravings whenever you want!


Recommended dosage (1-month supply):

Shrink (stomach filler): Everyone is a little different depending on stomach size. Take 60-90 minutes before meals where you are generally the hungriest. No more than 6 per day.

Shred (Fat burner Metabolism Booster): 1 capsule when you wake up and 1 capsule 30-60 minutes before lunch (total 2)

Blocker (Fat and Carb Blocker): 1 capsule 30-60 before your two largest or worst meals of the day (total 2)

Complete (Multi-Vitamin): 2 capsules before bed

Zoom (Gum): Chew as needed



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